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Being a Good Neighbor – Part 1

I always had a secret crush on Donna, who looked much younger than her thirty two years. Because I was very married, I made it a point to keep my eyes, hands and fascination in check, but every now and then, something would give me a reason to pause and think, “What if?”

Donna called one afternoon and my wife answered the phone. I heard Rebecca respond, 

“I’ll send Rex right over.” 

I knew instinctively, that when I was being dispatched to the next door neighbor’s house, it was usually to help Donna address an immediate need because Harold was either now around or out of town. The first time I was dispatched was to help put the garage door back on its tracks after Donna tried to put their new SUV in the garage and practically took the door down. The second time, was unstop a toilet. Donna stood patiently by in her see-through nightie, as I used the plunger to fix the issue. I didn’t complain, but told her that anytime she needed a plumber, just to let me know. I couldn’t help but think, she knew where I was going with the offer. 

Donna was the type of next door neighbor, any guy might find himself drooling over. Short, spunky, and always flirting, she had a model-like figure and knew had to draw attention to herself with low cut blouses, or tube tops, shorts that we always a bit on the too short side, and well tanned and toned legs that any guy would love to have wrapped around his neck. Donna was an avid cyclist and on any given day, there would be a line of cars following her through the neighborhood. She liked to tease and didn't seem to care who was looking. She's wave, smile and wink at just about anyone and everyone, to include myself. Living next door to her was pure hell.

I crawled up under the kitchen sink in Donna's house to take a look at the garbage disposal. Donna stood nearby. I had a perfect look up the open space of her shorts, from where I was positioned under the sink. Donna was sans underwear and I could very easily see her shaved pussy. it was like she didn't care or intentionally got a kick out of her tease. Almost immediately, my little head took notice. I tuned the garbage disposal with the wrench I had brought over and asked Donna to turn it on. She positioned her bare foot right between my legs, her ankle resting against my testicles. I didn’t dare move or say a word. 

The garbage disposal roared to life.

“Yeah!” Donna extolled, clapping her hands. 

Donna took a step back. I started to crawl out from under her sink, when I noticed the a small dribble of water coming from under a drain pipe.

“Uh oh,” I remarked.

Donna squatted down and looked in my direction. Women, I said to myself, making a mental note, really should wear a brassiere. and underwear.

“You’ve got a leak,” I replied.

“Damn it,” Donna replied. “Harold is gone for the weekend.”

“I can fix it, if you want me to,” I replied.

Donna smiled. 

“Would you? I mean, if you do, I would forever be in your debt. We’re short on cash right now, but I can pay you when Harold gets back,” Donna remarked, as she dropped on to her knees and placed her hands on either side of my outstretched legs. I could see straight down her loose fitting blouse. I couldn’t help but think, she had to know, she was showing me everything she had and then some. 

“Sure, “ I responded. “Let me call Becca and let her know what’s going on.”

I crawled out from under the sink and used Donna and Harold’s kitchen phone to explain to Becca that I was going to help fix a leaky sink drain. Donna was perfectly fine with my willingness to be a good neighbor.

I told Donna I would need to go up to the hardware store and get a few things. 

“Great!” she replied. “I’ve got to take shower. I’ll leave the back door open for you.”

I headed up to the local hardware store, my mind swirling with the possibilities of what could transpire over the next few hours. I slipped back into Donna and Harold’s kitchen, repair section in hand and with my tool box in the other. Donna was nowhere to be seen. I stepped out to the front of the house and used my meter key to open the cover to the water meter. I turned off the water to the house.

I slipped under the sink and loosened the offending pipe with a pipe wrench. I cleaned off the pipe connection and readied the new section for attachment. Suddenly, two very shapely legs appeared next to me. Donna squatted down, wrapped solely in her bath towel. I had a perfect unobstructed view of her pussy.

“How is it going?” Donna innocently asked. 

“So far, so good,” I replied. 

“Cool,” Donna replied. “I guess I will finish my shower after it is fixed.”

I apologized. I had forgotten that she was taking a shower. 

Donna leaned sideways and eased into a stationary position on her butt. Her blonde hair was wet and dripped on to her soft and tanned shoulders. The towel was wrapped tightly around her and tucked securely between her breasts. 

I slipped the newer section of the pipe into place to insure it would be a good fit. I looked at Donna.

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked. She smiled.

“Can you hand me that roll of white tape in the tool box,” I said. Donna scooted around on her ass. The tool box was about three feet from the end of my feet. Donna slipped up onto a knee and then a second, as she stretched for the tool box. I had a clear unobstructed view of her uncovered and bald pussy. She looked back at me and smiled, waving the plastic pipe fitting tape in her hand.

“Is this it?” she asked.

“Yes it is,” I replied, taking in a deep breath and forcefully exhaling. 

Donna turned on her knees and crawled toward me. As she did her towel came untied and fell open. She tried to grab it, but wasn’t fast enough. 

“I’m sorry,” Donna exclaimed, trying to cover herself. 

“No biggie,” I replied. “I’ve seen boobs before.”

With one hand holding her towel, she stretched to hand me the plumber's tape. She fell forward, landing on my leg, her face just inches from my raging hard on. 

“While you there,” I remarked, leaving my comment intentionally unfinished.

Donna buried her head in to the space between my legs, her hand outstretched and holding on to the roll of tape. There was no good way for her to recover from her accident.

“Look,” I replied as Donna giggled.

“If you will let me finish this, we can talk payment terms afterwards.”

Donna looked up at me. Her face was flushed red.

“I am soooo sorry,” she said.

“No you’re not,” I replied. “I’ve already seen your boobs, your twat and now, you’ve done everything but grope me, but I am not complaining.”

Donna smiled and then slipped her hand on to my raging hard on. 

"There," she remarked, "Are you happy?"

“Now, you’ve done it,” I replied. “This sink ain’t getting fixed until we fix another issue.”

Donna fumbled with the belt of my trousers, as I tried to work my way out from under the sink. She no longer tried to secure her towel, allowing it to fall from her body and on to the kitchen floor. 

I worked my way out from under the confines of the sink and sat up, just as Donna sat back on her butt, her hands positioned behind her, her legs spread wide. I could see the moisture build up on her shaved pussy. She bit down on her lower lip, as I crawled on all fours toward her. 

Donna slipped on to her back as I hovered over her naked body. 

“Fuck me, Rex,” she pleaded. “I want to feel that cock of yours inside of me. Fuck me, Fuck me Fuck me!”

I couldn’t get out of my jeans fast enough. I stood and stripped out of my them as Dona lay sprawled naked on the kitchen floor in front of me. I stripped off my underwear and my t-shirt. Donna sat up and took my cock in her hand, running her fingers along the back side of it. She slipped it into her mouth and hummed as she worked her head back and forth. I rested my hand on the top of her wet head. My secret fantasies were coming true.

“Come on,” I beckoned, holding out my hand. 

“We can’t do this here,” I remarked. 

Donna took my hand in hers and I helped her to her feet. She barely reached my shoulders, standing barefoot and naked in front of me. I gently massaged her 36-c cup breasts, lightly feeling her nipples, which were rock hard. Donna pressed her mound against my swollen cock. 

I took her by the hand and we hastily retreated to the master bedroom. 

Donna yanked the covers from the bed and lay sprawled on the sheets, face up. I positioned myself between her legs and gingerly inserted a lone finger into her hot pussy. She moaned her approval. I alternated between my fingers and my tongue, driving her into an orgasmic frenzy. She shuddered as I placed my mouth over the hood that covered her clit and hummed. The vibrations drove her crazy.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Donna begged. 

I kissed her pubic area and slowly worked my way up her tight little body, working my tongue over her nipples as she clenched her fists and beat on my back. Donna was crying, begging for me to put my cock into her flooded pussy. I hovered over her, my arms on either side of her torso, just under her arm pits.

My cock pressed against her lower abs. She was in fantastic shape. I was more than ready. 

Donna spread her legs and I positioned myself for entry into the glory zone. She grabbed my cock and worked it back and forth across her clit, then slipped it into the opening of her vagina, using her fingers to push me in. Her pussy was tight. I could feel the walls of her vagina clamping down on the shaft of my cock. 

Donna moaned her approval as I pushed my pelvis against hers. I rhythmically worked myself in and out of her, as she grunted her approvals. 

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Donna breathlessly opined. I couldn’t hold back.

I shot my first stream of cum deep inside her pussy. As I did, she pulled her nails across my back and screamed, “Fuuuck me!”

My second jet was equally as forceful as the first one. Donna’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She turned an ashen white and then almost a purplish color as I shot several more jets of cum deep into her tiny body. I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Donna trembled as my cock pulsated deep within her vagina. Donna locked her arms around my neck, her fingers interlocking. She wasn’t letting go for nothing. 

I rolled on to my back and pulled Donna on top of me. We kissed and cuddled like life-long lovers. 

Donna propped herself up and looked at me. 

“I have wanted you for years,” she remarked. 

“Me too,” I confided. 

“But you know and I know, we have to be very careful,” Donna remarked. I agreed. We were both going into uncharted and dangerous territory.

“I still love Harold,” Donna remarked, “It’s just we haven’t had sex in a very long time.”

The same was true for Becca and I. Donna ran her fingers across my chest.

“How could she not like this body?” Donna inquired.

“It’s not totally her,” I replied. “It’s my fault as well.” 

I had forgotten what it was like to have real meaningful sex. I reasoned it was more the thrill of the chase than the capture, although, in this case, it was more about the capture than the thrill of the chase. Ours was an accidental and fortuitous hookup. 

“Fortuitous or not,” Donna responded, “I’m happy and I hope you are as well.”

I was. I finished the plumbing job, wearing only my underwear, with Donna sitting beside me, totally naked. I put on my jeans and my shirt and stepped outside to turn on the water. I left the front door open, and told Donna to holler if anything leaked. Nothing leaked. For that I was happy. 

I gave Donna a light kiss on the check, grabbed my tool box and headed back next door.

“Did you get it fixed?” Becca asked.

Before I could answer, the phone rang.

“Sure,” I heard Becca say into the phone, “I’ll send him right over.”

I didn’t say a word.

“Donna said she was fixing to take a shower and the shower knob just fell off,” Becca reported. 

“How fortuitous,” I remarked. 

Becca looked at me and smiled. 

“I guess she likes your handiwork.”

I had to agree.